Rubber roofs and single-ply roof membrane seams usually separate, in critical areas of your roof, within 15 years. The critical areas include skylight frames, vents, air conditioners, drainage openings, roof equipment pedestals, parapet walls, pipes and abrupt surface elevation changes. Fasteners, used to adhere these types of roof membranes originally, work their way loose and poke up through these types of membranes.

Our custom application includes waterproofing and reinforcing the above described areas of your roof first, so they will handle higher stress factors such as foot traffic, icy and pooling water and other severe contraction / expansion related conditions. After waterproofing and reinforcing your roof’s most vulnerable areas, we then apply our reinforced waterproofing system to your entire roof. In other words, the more vulnerable areas of your roof are double reinforced and waterproofed, for long term waterproof durability, even in the most challenging climates and conditions.

This application gives you a 15 year waterproof warranty when top coated with our high grade acrylic finish coating, and a 20 year waterproof warranty when our higher grade silicone finish coating is applied.
To renew your warranty, we simply clean your roof and apply another top coat, so this is the last roof your commercial building will ever need!

This type of application out-performs R-21 insulation regarding radiant heat gain, so it typically reduces inside temperatures by 17 degrees on 100 F degree days, and can reduce air conditioning costs up to 40%!

Your existing roof does not get removed for this application, even if your building has two or more layers of existing roofing.

Plus, IRS guidelines classify this system as ‘maintenance and repair’, so it can be deducted as an expense during the same year it’s paid for!

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