Commercial Roof Replacement & Waterproofing In Multnomah County

If you are facing a roof leaking even after you have opted for repairing it a thousand times, there is a chance that your roof needs either a replacement or waterproofing.

Our commercial roof replacement and waterproofing service are one of the best in Multnomah County. We have years of experience and are able to waterproof any type of roof including metal, asphalt, single ply, and flat roofs.

Commercial roofing is different from residential roofing. Not just in terms of the area but also the material and technique used is different. This is why you should hire a professional like us rather than relying on your own skills.

Be it a 30k square feet building or 300k square feet, we can help you save a lot of money since our roofs are durable and would not require frequent repairs. It will also last for about 20 whole years. You can be free from any leakage complaints for years to come.

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Best Commercial Roof Coatings in Multnomah County

Throughout the West Coast, we are recognized for giving excellent customized roof coating service. We have been providing this service since 1986. Our years of experience are what help us be the best in Multnomah County.

Our roof coatings solutions are designed after a thorough inspection of your roof. Our coating is completely different than any cheap membrane coating.

We intend to protect the roof of your commercial building in a way that will last you for years without any repairs. Get in touch with us today and you can get a free roof inspection for your commercial property in Multnomah County.

Commercial Roof Repair Specialists In Multnomah County You Can Trust

As a business owner in Multnomah County, you understand the importance of maintaining your commercial property to keep your employees, customers and assets safe. A leaky roof can disrupt your operations and cause costly damage to your building. That’s why you need a commercial roof repair specialist to rely on.

Leaky Roof Doctor is your go-to partner for all your roofing needs in Multnomah County. Our proven roof repair system keeps your commercial building leak-free for up to 20 years, twice as long as any new single-ply roof, and reduces your air conditioning costs. We apply our solution over any type of existing roof, regardless of whether it has two or more layers. Our expert team has been in the business of custom roof coating applications for over 35 years, and we have earned a reputation for excellent service and reliability.

We are confident in the quality of our work, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Trust us to protect your commercial property and leave you with peace of mind.

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About Multnomah County

The rain, humidity, and heat in Multnomah County can cause a lot of damage to your roof if not done correctly. We understand the climate of Multnomah County and hence we offer solutions that will help your roof withstand these climatic conditions.

Get in touch with us to resolve any roofing problem in Multnomah County.

We at Commercial Water Proof Coatings are also offering Commercial Roof Repair in Pierce County, Thruston County, King County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County and surrounding areas within Washington.

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