Commercial Roof Replacement & Waterproofing Los Angeles County

Are you looking for a commercial roof replacement in Los Angeles County?

Leaky Roof Doctor is a commercial roofing service provider that specializes in waterproofing, repair and replacement of roofing systems. We pride ourselves on applying custom, polyester reinforced commercial roof waterproofing applications with a 20-year manufacturer backed waterproof warranty.

Our local experts are certified, insured, and trained to provide you with excellent customer service. We complete your roofing project quickly, deliver quality service and ensure at least 20 year longevity for your roof.

Our commercial roof waterproofing application protects your roof and eliminates leaks for serious long term even in harsh weather climates. Heavy wind driven rain and harsh snowstorms are no match for our superior reinforced waterproofing systems. Our roof system also allows trapped moisture to escape in vapor form while shielding against water in fluid form.

Whether your commercial property is 30k sq ft or 300k sq ft our custom roof application will waterproof your roof for more than 20 years guaranteed! Our roof experts have experience applying custom waterproofing applications over metal roofs, asphalt roofs, flat roofs, and single-ply roofs.

Our commercial roof applicators travel to work across several states and are on your roof within 24 hours if there’s a warranty issue.

Best Commercial Roofing Coatings in Los Angeles County

Leaky Roof Doctor provided has applied high-quality commercial roof coatings in Los Angeles County for more than 30 years.

Our commercial roof coatings are durable, reinforced, custom made and monolithic waterproofing applications. These applications always have 20 year waterproof longevity for your roof. They protect your roof from harsh weather and hot UV rays while reducing molds and algae growth. Our custom roof coatings applications last longer than other torch down or TPO single ply roofs and cost substantially less. Our waterproof coating system costs substantially less than roof replacement, lasts longer than conventional roof membranes and offers huge air conditioning energy savings for your commercial building!

Our experts quote and build the best roof coating application for your type of building, your budget and your situation.

Trusted Commercial Roof Replacement For Your Building By Certified Roofing Expert

Leaky Roof Doctor is highly trusted for commercial roof waterproofing applications in Los Angeles County.

We’ve been helping commercial building owners in Los Angeles area for more than 30 years. Our customers love our custom roof waterproofing and coating applications. We are proud to have maintained the most respected reputation in our field.

We pay close attention to keep the integrity of your building strong and structurally sound.

We use the latest proven waterproofing technology and highly trained applicators for your roof replacement. Our trained experts are focused to timely, correctly, cost-effectively, and efficiently replace your roof.

Call today and book an appointment at 800-804-4788.

About Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County has a typical Mediterranean climate, including hot, dry summers and cool wet winters. Our roof coatings are proven to protect your commercial building’s roof against excessive heat and damaging rain.